St. Peter’s College Pursuit of Excellence Awards 2020

With only Years 11 & 12 on Campus and Remote Schooling for Years 7 to 10 St. Peter’s College utilised video to broadcast their annual Pursuit of Excellence Awards, ensuring that all students and families have the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate Academic Excellence.

Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching Mr. David Hansen outlines the importance of these Awards. “A good community celebrates the success and acknowledges the achievements of those who excel, and we at St. Peter’s College are a good community. We not only celebrate these students for themselves, we celebrate these students for us, for our benefit. Going on to say “they have modelled what it takes to do well in your studies. Their example can encourage us to achieve”. He goes on to explain “good things come from hard work, perseverance and commitment to the task.

These students are recognised for their outstanding start to their Academic studies in their senior year:


  • Ashley Beley
  • Rovelle De La Cruz
  • John Hoang
  • Cloey Nash
  • Dylan Pattison
  • Dharshni Priya Rangarajan
  • Tia Ellis – VCAL Studies


  • Ruby Smith
  • Sophie Allen
  • Jarred White
  • Bethany Tai
  • Costa Zorotheos
  • Shae Le Gall
  • Joey Kariman
  • Hailey Davidson-Koek – VCAL Studies

Student College Captains spoke directly to all students about striving for excellence. Jaden Ward, Clyde North College Captain encourages all students particularly he fellow Year 12 students, “Continue to try your best to keep on top of your studies. We acknowledge this is not an easy time right now, so if you are struggling with your school work or mental health always reach out to your teachers and parents”.

Sophia Lingaya, Clyde North Campus College Captain, supports his message stating “We encourage all students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their schooling, whether that be Arts, VCal, VCE, VET and all subjects at all Year levels”.

In closing Cranbourne Campus College Captain, Brendon Quintal states,” In order to excel and achieve your goals, expand your potential you will have to go through setbacks, ups and downs, make more of your small victories and learn as much as you can from your losses”.

Cranbourne Campus College Captain Talia Parker, finishes the broadcast saying, “Excellence is not only just academic, in school and in sport, it can come in different areas. You can achieve great things in your local community, job, being a friend to others. There are no limits to excellence and each and every one of us has the potential to strive for it”.