St. Peter’s College Student Leadership 2021

Today I share with you the exciting news surrounding the announcement of School Leaders for 2021.

Before doing this I would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of our 2020 school leaders. Leadership is most sought and noticed in times of adversity. The COVID-19 pandemic has asked much of everyone but especially our student leaders. They have demonstrated passion, creativity and commitment to care for and reach out to others, particularly our student community. Our student leader’s mindset has consistently been on how they can reach out and support others. They have been the servant leaders that we asked and challenged them to be. I thank each and every one of our Student College Executive 2020 for their commitment to serve our community.

I wish to also thank and congratulate those who participated in our recent Yr 11 Leadership Program. Our College motto, ‘Be Not Afraid’, encourages students to move outside their comfort zone and strive for excellence in all that they undertake. In participating you have recognised the value and importance of student leadership and student voice. It sends a strong message to the rest of the College community. For that I wish to offer my thanks.

In our Leadership Training Day, I challenged those applying for student leadership positions to, through your actions, “inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more”
(John Quincy Adams). At the end of 2021 I will be calling on our Student College executive to reflect on how successful they have been in achieving this.

Congratulations to our College Executive for 2021

  Clyde North Campus Cranbourne Campus
College Captain – Female Alliah Garcia Milly Cortese
College Captain – Male Corey Coupar Callum Pola
Liturgy Captain Elizabeth Sabbelino Sarah Gony
Social Justice Captain Aschley Ogilaloro Deandra D’Penha
Arts Captain Jermaine Ibarra Hayley Burd
Environment Captain Dinuli Amarasinghe Rubi Rose
Sports Captain – Female Samantha Butler Indyanna De Vries
Sports Captain – Male Samuel Duiker Matthew Khorani

You, from this point on are called upon to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to serve our college community at every opportunity
  • Display a commitment to be an effective team player
  • Make a commitment to leave the college in a better place than you found it
  • Possess a passion to develop student voice
  • To be that positive influence on those that you meet

I congratulate our Student College Executive of 2021

Chris Black, Principal