Student Absence Procedure

New legislative attendance requirements have come into effect at St Peter’s College. 

In part this legislation states: “If a parent does not contact the school to provide an explanation on the day of the student absence, the school must attempt to contact the parent (for example by telephone) of the student as soon as practicable on the same day. On receipt of the explanation, the accurate reason for the absence must be recorded”. I ask all parents to ensure that they 

  • Make contact with the College to notify an absence by 9.00am of the day of absence.
  •  If St. Peter’s College is not notified by a parent or guardian an SMS text will follow. It states: “Your child …. was absent from St Peter’s College today. Please call the school to explain this absence. Thank you”. 
  • Parent, at their earliest opportunity after receiving this message, makes contact with the College to confirm the absence. 
  • Any non-respondents are followed up by making contact with parent, guardian or emergency contact.