College Perpetual Award Winners

CEO Living Witness Award

The Living Witness Award, recognizes a student within our College community who lives and gives witness to their faith and the gospel message in both word and deed. The Ceo Living Witness Award is a Perpetual Shield, sponsored by Catholic Education Office, Warragul.

2014: Perri McLean (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Quincy Canceran (Clyde North Campus)

2016: Avi Tess Araneta-Puyat (Cranbourne Campus)

2017: Tiffany Forbes (Clyde North Campus)

College Spirit Award

For students who have consistently supported, contributed to, and been involved in multiple activities of the College throughout the school year eg. St. Peter’s Day, College Production, Debating, Choir, Music, SIS Sport, Social Justice Group. This award acknowledges one student whose contribution has extended beyond the confines of their House, indeed making a contribution to the whole College community by virtue of their enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

2014: Will Verenman (Clyde North Campus)

2015: Matthew Pask (Cranbourne Campus)

2016: Natasha Xerri (Cranbourne Campus) & Salfia Koudi Arad (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Hayley Tisdale (Cranbourne Campus) & Sara Elbazi (Clyde North Campus)

Graduates Award

St. Peter’s College Graduates’ Association honours a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the college in their time at St Peter’s College and deserves recognition for the legacy they leave behind as they completes their secondary education. With every graduating Year 12 group, there is always one student who comes to represent and symbolise that year level.

2014: Jessica Cottrell (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Mikaela Tai (Cranbourne Campus)

2016: Karena McNeely (Cranbourne Campus) & Will Veenman (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Henry Cooke (Cranbourne Campus) & Tais Lildaree (Clyde North Campus)

Student Representative Council Award

Each year the House Leaders nominates a person, to receive the SRC Award, to a student who has made outstanding contributions to the student community during their time at St. Peter’s College.

2014: Ke Besa (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Nathan Martens (Cranbourne Campus)

2016: Britney Phillips (Cranbourne Campus) & Abigail Rook (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Mikayla Van Der Veldon (Cranbourne Campus) & Bailey King (Clyde North Campus)

Community Service Award

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Cranbourne, at our Cranbourne Campus the Keith Burns Award was inaugurated in 2004 by the Cranbourne Rotary Club, in recognition of the outstanding work Keith did in the Cranbourne community, and especially in relation to St. Peter’s College.  Mr Keith Burns passed away in 2011. However, such generosity and service to the community are hallmarks of his legacy and his character, as indeed was his desire to do whatever he could to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  The award in recognition of their contribution to the community of St. Peter’s College and beyond.

2014: Dominic Williams (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Callum Gracie (Cranbourne Campus) & Lachlan Buckanen (Clyde North Campus)

2016: Joseph Vechoorettu (Cranbourne Campus) & Sara Elbazi (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Emily Lace (Cranbourne Campus) & Natalia Girvasi (Clyde North Campus)

Terry Feely Award for Literacy

Mr Frank Percy sponsors this Award in honour of St. Peter’s College Founding Principal, Mr Terry Feely.

2014: Dina Ivkovich (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Samuel Robertson-Waterson & Dina Ivkovich (Cranbourne Campus)

2016: Dina Ivkovich (Cranbourne Campus)

2017: Dina Ivkovich (Cranbourne Campus)

Debating Award

Award is drawn from those students that have represented the College in the SIS Debating Program.

2014: Nathan Martens (Cranbourne Campus) & Sarah Newlands (Clyde North Campus)

2015: Nathan Martens & Mikaela Tai (Cranbourne Campus) & Laura Wooton (Clyde North Campus)

2016: Jessie McGuigan (Cranbourne Campus) & Awur Athiu (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Gurvisha Singh (Cranbourne Campus) & Emily Wootton (Clyde North Campus)

Female Sports Person of the Year Award

2016: Joanna Picerni (Cranbourne Campus) & Layla Williams (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Shahd Mohamed (Cranbourne Campus) & Lesina Cordtz (Clyde North Campus)

Male Sportsperson of the Year Award

2016: Cambell Bryan (Cranbourne Campus) & Thomas Ryan (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Mohamed Mohamed (Cranbourne Campus) & CIan O’Riordan (Clyde North Campus)

Principal’s Art Prize

The Principal’s Art Prize is granted to a student who has produced excellence in Art Studies and is judged by the Principal from work displayed at St. Peter’s College Art and Technology Exhibitions.

2014: Mikaela Giaquinta (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Meghan Horlock (Cranbourne Campus)

2016: Latisha Dalton (Cranbourne Campus) & Edeser Monserate (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Alexandria Shashkoff (Cranbourne Campus) & Eugena Medvid (Clyde North Campus)

Technology Award

At the Cranbourne Campus the Award is known as Peter Young Award in honour of St. Peter’s Teacher and is granted to a student who has produced excellence in design technology.

2014: Liam Trebilco (Cranbourne Campus)

2015: Nicholas Duane (Cranbourne Campus) & Sire Garcia (Clyde North Campus)

2016: Madison Byleveld (Cranbourne Campus) & Michael Miller (Clyde North Campus)

2017: Bailey East (Cranbourne Campus) & Natasha Clayton (Clyde North Campus)


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