With the servant leadership of Peter as our model, we aspire to strengthen the qualities of all those in our community so that they may lead with wisdom, compassion and courage.

We encourage the student leaders to live by our College Student Motto

‘Be Not Afraid’

Developing confidence in their own leadership style and their ability to work for the good of others.

Every student at St. Peter’s College experiences the opportunity to be involved in leadership.

In each House from Years 7 to 12 at least one leader is elected from each Year Level to participate in the House forums.  Along with the House Captains, five to ten other Forum Leaders can be elected and appointed to meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas and develop proposals to be heard at the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The Student Representative Council meets three times each term and will discuss student issues from all year levels as well as the programs initiated by the elected Student Executive  – the College Captains, Liturgy Captain, Social Justice Captain, Arts Captain, Environment Captain, and Sports Captains.

At St. Peter’s College we see leadership as a skill which should be developed and supported.  To this end leadership training is provided for all Year 10 students who volunteer for the College Peer Support Program.

The Student Executive and House Captains are elected from our Year 11 & 12 students after a leadership training days held during Term 3.  They have a further training day at the end of the year.  The SRC training day occurs in Semester 1 after the Year 7 Forum Leaders are elected following the Year 7 Camp.

Many students are leaders at St. Peter’s College without the formal title. Leadership is experienced through service to others. An example of this is our College Outreach Program co-ordinated by the Social Justice Captain and members of the Social Justice Group which involves fundraising for Project Compassion along with other activities aimed at helping others less fortunate than ourselves.
Often leadership is simply being of service to others in the College community through acts of kindness, cooperation and support.

Our key beliefs and values about student leadership are set out below in our rationale. We strongly encourage all students at St Peter’s College to take up the challenge and responsibility of Student Leadership.

Student Leadership Rationale

Our Patron Saint, Peter, was made the leader of Christ’s Church on earth.  He led by example with people of all races and beliefs to bring the good news for the Kingdom to all.  He worked tirelessly in the service of others.

Similarly, the students of St. Peter’s College are called to act as servant-leaders to the College and the wider community, following Peter’s example.  In accepting their roles, student leaders at St Peter’s College are encouraged to aspire to be leaders who: –

  • Lead and serve the College community through word and action
  • Are trust-worthy, responsible and supportive of the College ethos
  • Encourage, motivate and challenge other members of the College community to work together
  • Honour what has been established and explore and initiate new ways of enhancing the life of the College
  • Are worthy ambassadors for the College in the wider community
  • The staff members of the College community, are called to provide the environment and opportunities for students to explore the challenges of leadership.

New Structure for SRC

Each Campus Student Representative Council would be made up from a selection of Forum Leaders and the eight Year 12 College Captains:

  • Male College Captain
  • Female College Captain
  • Arts Captain
  • Environment Captain
  • Liturgy Captain
  • Social Justice Captain
  • Male Sports Captain
  • Female Sports Captain

The House Leaders, Pastoral Care Leader and Deputy Principal nominate & vote on two Forum Leaders from each House to fill the following positions:

  • Year 7 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 8 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 9 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Year 10 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Senior (Year 11/12) SRC representative (at least two)
  • Some year levels will have three student representatives as the number of Forum Leaders, but the number of Forum Leaders on the SRC will be fixed at 16 students.
  • House Leaders may choose up to five other Forum Leaders
  • Two Middle School SRC students representatives (Year 8-10) will be elected as Uniform Committee Representatives
  • This gives a total number of students on the SRC as a minimum of twenty four students

Cranbourne Campus 2019 SRC Membership
College Executive Jonathan D'Rozzario Elizabeth Lupeamanu
Nicola Williams Lara Breen
Samara Yazbek Ryan Brack
Mikayla van der Velden Damon Quirk
Senior School Mia Clauscen Tahlia Parker
Nathan Nixon Sarah Van Hamond
Harman Dang
Year 10 Claudia Berke Rubi Rose
Hazel Fosio Adelle St Mart
Aishwarya Jaganathan Gurvisha Singh
Year 9 Giovanna Lorenzin Madaline O'Riley
Janson Chan
Year 8 Bonny Cortese Bishoy Megally
Year 7 Tristan Estrada Farai Meck
Clyde North Campus 2019 SRC Membership
College Executive Maureen Gabriel Kartik Pillai
Benjamin Salu Ophelia Heng
Cassandra Guevarra Prerna Shahi
Mikaela Gardner Nicholas Tivendale
Senior School Cheyenne D'Costa William Phan
Year 10 Samuel Rook Samuel Duiker
Gaunit Sehrawat
Year 9 Oyin Obisesan Josephine Prado
Mitchell Keel
Year 8 Abigail Muigai Lucas Jose
Mia Raso Vishrutha Ragharendra Rao
Christopher Arslanian-Barry
Year 7 TBA TBA

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