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    With the servant leadership of Peter as our model, we aspire to strengthen the qualities of all those in our community so that they may lead with wisdom, compassions and courage. Every student at St. Peter’s College experiences the opportunity to be involved in leadership

    College Student Leadership – 2022












    2022 Cranbourne Campus Captains & Clyde North Campus Captains with Principal Mr Mr Black

    2022 Clyde North Campus Captains Gillian Donaire & Dominic Rode with Principal Mr Chris Black

    2022 Cranbourne Campus Captains Giovanna Lorenzin & Jonathan Tavana with Principal Mr Chris Black

    2022 Clyde North Campus Captains Hashan Collurage, Diya Vinod, Melissa Lingaya, Gillian Donaire, Dominic Rode, Bridget Madcurine, Thomas Sabelino, Deliza Mant with DP Head of Campus Mrs Julie Banda (absent Veronica Kobbaji)


    2022 Cranbourne Campus Captains Matt Ludlow, Alyssa Holmes-Finch, Jorja Roscoe, Giovanna Lorenzin & Jonathan Tavana, Madelynne D’Alberto, Charlotte Jewell, Breanna Caples with DP Head of Campus Mr Jeremy Wright

    2022 College Captains

    College Captains Gillian Donaire & Dominic Rode (Clyde North) Giovanna Lorenzin & Jonathan Tavana (Cranbourne)
    Liturgy Captains Bridget Madcurine (Clyde North)
    Madelynne D'Alberto (Cranbourne)
    Social Justice Captains Melissa Lingaya (Clyde North)
    Jorja Roscoe (Cranbourne)
    Arts Captains Diya Vinod (Clyde North)
    Charlotte Jewell (Cranbourne)
    Environment Captains Thomas Sabelino (Clyde North)
    Alyssa Holmes-Finch (Cranbourne)
    Sports Captains Deliza Mant & Hashan Collurage (Clyde North)

    Breanna Caples & Matt Ludlow (Cranbourne)

    2022 House Captains Clyde North Campus

    Assisi House Captains Zoe Tran & Poorab Bhavsar
    Augustine House Captains Natasha Zimmerman & Viko Tusitala
    Avila House Captains Bela Southgate & Toby Durbin
    Glowrey House Captains Lily Dinsdale & Bellington Besa
    Kolbe House Captains Hasrat Gill & Jake Bennett
    MacKillop House Captains Natalie D'souza & Levi Henderson Gillespie
    Marian House Captains Angelina Nou & Dylan Oliver
    Romero House Captains Iesha Boavida & Vignesh Padamati

    2022 House Captains Cranbourne Campus

    Assisi House Audrey Smith & Scott Ward
    Augustine House Tayani Barrett
    Avila House Sophia Gatuz & Allen Bobby
    Glowrey House Terri Keniseli & Kenny Keniseli
    Kolbe House Madaline O'Riley & Matthew Sinclair
    MacKillop House Alannah Egan & Bradley Andrew
    Marian House Olivia Russo & Blake Smith
    Romero House Arshdeep Singh & Jay Davidson
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