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    With the servant leadership of Peter as our model, we aspire to strengthen the qualities of all those in our community so that they may lead with wisdom, compassions and courage. Every student at St. Peter’s College experiences the opportunity to be involved in leadership

    College Student Leadership – 2021

    2021 Cranbourne Campus Captains & Clyde North Campus Captains with Principal Mr Mr Black

    2021 Clyde North Campus Captains Alliah Garcia & Corey Coupar with Principal Mr Chris Black

    2021 Cranbourne Campus Captains Milly Cortese & Callum Pola with Principal Mr Chris Black

    2021 Clyde North Campus Captains Samuel Duiker, Dinuli Amarasinghe, Elizabeth Sabelino, Alliah Garcia, Corey Coupar, Aschley Oglialoro, Samantha Butler with DP Head of Campus Mrs Julie Banda (absent Veronica Kobbaji)

    2021 Cranbourne Campus Captains Indyanna De Vries, Ruby Rose, Sarah Gony, Milly Cortese, Callum Pola, Deaandra D’Penha, Hayley Burd, Mathew Khorani with DP Head of Campus Mr Jeremy Wright

    2021 College Captains

    College Captains Alliah Garcia & Corey Coupar (Clyde North) Milly Cortese & Callum Pola (Cranbourne)
    Liturgy Captains Elizabeth Sabelino (Clyde North)
    Sarah Gony (Cranbourne)
    Social Justice Captains Aschley Oglialoro (Clyde North)
    Deandra D'Penha (Cranbourne)
    Arts Captains Veronica Kobbaji (Clyde North)
    Hayley Burd (Cranbourne)
    Environment Captains Dinuli Amarasinghe (Clyde North)
    Rubi Rose (Cranbourne)
    Sports Captains Samantha Butler & Samuel Duiker (Clyde North)

    Indyanna De Vries & Matthew Khorani (Cranbourne)

    2021 House Captains Clyde North Campus

    Assisi House Captains Gia Donaire & Ryan Butler
    Augustine House Captains Alysa Goldsmith & Dominic Rode
    Avila House Captains Adelayde Bonser & Kyle de Ocampo
    Glowrey House Captains Katelyn Worthy & Adithya Karimbil
    Kolbe House Captains Sara Alfonso & Christian Limas
    MacKillop House Captains Mikaela Lafaber & Nathan Ryan
    Marian House Captains Ayra Dy & Shameit Sharma
    Romero House Captains Meg Tuffnell & Hashan Collurage

    2021 House Captains Cranbourne Campus

    Assisi House Rachel Ward & Johnny Tavana
    Augustine House Giovanna Lorenzin & Patrick Natoli
    Avila House Hayley Garnham & Charbel Karaan
    Glowrey House Hazel Fosio & Gilly Caldwell
    Kolbe House Adelle St Mart & Tristan Condie
    MacKillop House Saphyre Strachan & Bailey Sonn
    Marian House Aishwarya Jaganathan & Will Brown
    Romero House Gurvisha Singh & Shaun Kumar
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