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The SRC contributes to the College Community in many ways. Their organisation and involvement in Harmony Day and St. Peter’s Day, Campus and House Assemblies, Forum and SRC Meetings, the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser and as guides at our Campus Tours and Year 7 Information Evening.

SRC Cranbourne Campus News

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is one of the many favourite days in the school calendar because it celebrates the very essence of our richly diverse community, a community who prides itself on ensuring everyone knows that they belong. So this year’s theme, ‘Everyone Belongs’ easily translated into joyful celebrations of multicultural dance, music, language, stories and food.

We were called to our Assembly by the beat of Japanese drumming performed by the talented students from St. Theresa’s Primary School. The Piazza became a sea of colour from the vibrancy of the many traditional dress worn by our students. The Assembly was also a fun learning experience for some staff as members of the SRC and College Captains tried teaching them national greetings in various languages. Mr Myers was by far the star pupil in this activity.

Probably the most memorable part of our Assembly was the ‘in conversation with Mr Black.’ It was here that a number of students shared their stories about their culture, their journey to Australia and what Harmony Day means to them and their families. We were enthralled and humbled from the insight we gained from these special stories. It was through these stories, that ‘Everyone Belongs’ moved beyond just a theme and transformed into an active way of celebrating and supporting each other.

Traditional dance and song are always fun especially when our wonderful Mauritian students bring Mr Antione, Mrs Ramnuth and Mr Couty up to the stage to show off their skills in traditional Mauritian dance. As always the Assembly finished with a spectacular fashion parade and then we ate. The VCAL students out did themselves this year, presenting the community with incredibly tasty morsels and flavours of the world.

Special thanks go to the super talent drummers from St. Theresa’s Primary School and their teachers for making this Harmony Day such a wonderful event. We also must thank Mr Wallwork, Mr Pulley and our SRC, and VCAL students who plan, support and enable the magic of Harmony Day to happen, every year.

SRC Training Day

Each year the Student Representative Council takes part in a Training Day to prepare for the year ahead. Both the Cranbourne and Clyde North Campuses come together to help the SRC groups get to know each other better. This year the training day took place on the Cranbourne Campus, and each SRC member took part in many different activities to further hone the skills they needed to be an active member of the SRC.

To start the morning off, multiple games were played which were a great way to break the ice and to step outside their comfort zone. The games chosen were very enjoyable and everyone got involved. The next session on effective communication was run by the College Captains of the Clyde North Campus, Maureen Gabriel and Kartik Pillai. The aim of this session was to teach people better ways to communicate in different situations, a necessary skill for a Student Leader.

After a short break, the SRC took part in a Survivor Challenge. Participants were split into teams named after different countries and competed against each other to be the winner. This activity was a great way for people to get to know each other and for both Campuses to work together to reach one common goal. The aim of this challenge was to teach leadership and teamwork Skills.

Everyone met in the Library for the last session of the day, which was run by the College Captains of the Cranbourne Campus, Elizabeth Lupeamanu and Jonathan D’Rozario. The SRC were asked if there were any issues in the school that they would like resolved. Small groups were put together and asked to write an action plan on how the certain issues could be dealt with. These topics were then discussed with the SRC as a whole, and decisions were made on which issues they felt were most important to follow up. These where then discussed within the SRC at their scheduled meetings throughout the year.

Overall, the SRC Training Day was a very enjoyable event. Each session had a clear reason for its inclusion, and all were informative without being boring. Each member of the SRC participated in all the activities, contributing to the success of the day.  Feedback from the SRC has been positive, indicating that this Training Day was very beneficial for all.


SRC Structure

Each Campus Student Representative Council would be made up from a selection of Forum Leaders and the eight Year 12 College Captains:

  • Male College Captain
  • Female College Captain
  • Arts Captain
  • Environment Captain
  • Liturgy Captain
  • Social Justice Captain
  • Male Sports Captain
  • Female Sports Captain

The House Leaders, Pastoral Care Leader and Deputy Principal nominate & vote on two Forum Leaders from each House to fill the following positions:

  • Year 7 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 8 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 9 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Year 10 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Senior (Year 11/12) SRC representative (at least two)
  • Some year levels will have three student representatives as the number of Forum Leaders, but the number of Forum Leaders on the SRC will be fixed at 16 students.
  • House Leaders may choose up to five other Forum Leaders
  • Two Middle School SRC students representatives (Year 8-10) will be elected as Uniform Committee Representatives
  • This gives a total number of students on the SRC as twenty four student
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