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The SRC contributes to the College Community in many ways. Their organisation and involvement in Harmony Day and St. Peter’s Day, Campus and House Assemblies, Forum and SRC Meetings, the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser and as guides at our Campus Tours and Year 7 Information Evening.

SRC Cranbourne Campus News

2018 St. Peter’s Day

St. Peter’s day is our annual celebration of our patron saint, one of Jesus’ disciples, Peter. St Peter’s day is usually known for it’s rides, it’s stalls and its activities. The day starts with a Mass celebrating St. Peter but this year our Mass was opened to both of our campuses held at Casey Stadium. A choir and band formed by both campuses had practised especially for the Mass and had a great outcome.

The school had organised activities like, a strike bowling station, a big ride that everyone seemed to enjoy as well as each house hosting their own events or stalls. Food stalls and donation stalls were set up for students to buy food or to act upon this year’s quote ‘but what I do have I give to you’. Everyone looks forward to the day we celebrate our patron saint

There were many great reviews from both students and staff members from both campuses, all agreeing that this year’s St Peter’s day was a great experience and lots of fun.

2018 Harmony Day

Harmony day is celebrated to acknowledge the different cultures that form Australia and it isn’t any different at St. Peter’s College. Our school is made up of so many different backgrounds, religions and cultures so everyone is excited for the event. Our annual Harmony Day usually kicks off with a whole College Assembly, introducing the day’s activities and stalls. During this years Assembly, everyone watched as our own Samoan students performed a Sass and a traditional Taualuga.

This year, Harmony Day was bigger and longer. Our VCAL students set up some wonderful food stalls and all students had the chance to try some awesome cuisine from around the world. We watched and learned some African dancing. We also got to watch the teachers at our school, play against our Year 12 in soccer and cricket.

Let’s not forget the best aspect about Harmony Day. All profits made on Harmony Day go straight to Caritas Project Compassion.



Media Liasion Representative. Cranbourne Campus

2018 Nadia Karaan

Nadia Karaan, SRC Media Liaison Cranbourne Campus

Hey, my name is Nadia Karaan a Year 10 student representing St Peter’s College SRC as their Media Liaison for the Cranbourne Campus. The SRC is a group of students chosen by their peers and teachers to represent the St. Peter’s College student body. By our first meeting, the SRC were already working on getting requests heard and issues fixed. We are introducing pants for the winter uniform for girls in 2018 and are working on a feasibility for a covered path to our technical sheds and art rooms.

The SRC’s main role is working on keeping the school a safe and educational environment, so when we are being reached by other students about an idea we should never neglect it. We are the voices of our peers because not everyone individually can be heard.

We look forward to another great year this year.

Thank you

SRC Structure

Each Campus Student Representative Council would be made up from a selection of Forum Leaders and the eight Year 12 College Captains:

  • Male College Captain
  • Female College Captain
  • Arts Captain
  • Environment Captain
  • Liturgy Captain
  • Social Justice Captain
  • Male Sports Captain
  • Female Sports Captain

The House Leaders, Pastoral Care Leader and Deputy Principal nominate & vote on two Forum Leaders from each House to fill the following positions:

  • Year 7 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 8 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 9 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Year 10 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Senior (Year 11/12) SRC representative (at least two)
  • Some year levels will have three student representatives as the number of Forum Leaders, but the number of Forum Leaders on the SRC will be fixed at 16 students.
  • House Leaders may choose up to five other Forum Leaders
  • Two Middle School SRC students representatives (Year 8-10) will be elected as Uniform Committee Representatives
  • This gives a total number of students on the SRC as twenty four student

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