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    Past St Peter’s College Leaders

    1996 Luke Tymensen Aleeshah Ramanah
    1997 Kris Weiss Heather Smith
    1998 Josh Crozier Sarah Tymensen
    1999 Patrick Hyland Clarrissa Henderson
    2000 Warren Gardiner Katrina Stone
    2001 David Haver Rivonia Pereira
    2002 Andrew Laing Jessica Tymensen
    2003 Daniel Kelly Jacinta Moulden
    2004 Daniel Birsa Karina Brady
    2005 Matthew Gill Ilona Horvath
    2006 Michael Jeffrey Melanie Werkmeister
    2007 Marco Ruiz Natalie Sventek
    2008 Timothy Gill Nadia Totaro
    2009 Matthew Chaplin Jessica Spinucci
    2010 Glen Salter Elouise Johnson
    2011 Todd Roscoe Bronwyn McInnes
    2012 Tyson Tifere Skye Brennan
    2013 Jake Uhlenberg Jayde Kelly
    2014 Mitchell White Jessica Cottrell
    2015 Nathan Martens Mikaela Tai
    2016 Matthew Pask Karena McNeely - West
    2016 Lachlan Buckanen Amer Athiu - East
    2017 Henry Cooke Emily Lace - West
    2017 Christian Dinglasan Tais Lildaree - East

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