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Issue 117  |  29 November 2017
Featured Story
From our Principal

Solomon Island Immersion Project

I had the privilege of travelling to the Solomon Islands for a brief flying visit this past week. The purpose was two-fold, the first was to get a first-hand picture of an immersion experience that has evolved over the past seven years. The second was to be present for the official opening and naming of their new building which is to house the Administration, Library and one Information Technology classroom. The building has been named the St. Peter’s building in recognition of St. Peter’s College as the primary funding source for the construction of the building. St. Peter’s College is committed to provide opportunities for and empower students to walk in the footsteps of our patron St Peter, a man who dedicated his life to outreach and support of the most vulnerable. We often describe it as “Walking the Talk”. We as a college are committed to, and have a responsibility for not only teaching our students about faith but also to enable them to experience a living faith. The Solomon Islands Immersion experience provides just such an opportunity. It was wonderful to observe the connections made very quickly with the students and staff at the Bishop Epalle school and to be so warmly welcomed by the community.

2017 st peters building

2017 solomon island building







The official naming took place in the presence of the Australian High Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Mr Roderick Brazier, the very first time the school has experienced such a visit   It was very humbling also to witness their reaction when presented with two cheques totalling $30,000. This money will be used to furnish the new St Peter’s building and help fund the introduction of computers into the school. These furnishings and computers will be sourced from the local traders and thus also contribute, in a positive way to their economy.

2017 solomon island cheque presentation

2017 solomon unveiling









It was a wonderful albeit short stay where friendships were forged and more deeply connected. I congratulate this group of students who have entered into this years’ program in a very energetic and passionate way. My thanks is also extended to Ms Angus and Mr Nash this year’s staff for travelling with and supporting our students, also to Mrs Hampson for overseeing the many details required for a successful program to be achieved. We look forward to the groups return at the end of this week.

2017 solomon islands team 01

Installation of the School Leaders 2018

At this week’s final assembly we inducted our Student College Leaders including our Student College Executive, House Leaders and SRC members. With a considerable number of parents present each group, and in the case of the student college executive, each member made a pledge in front of the school committing themselves to represent their portfolio and the school community with pride, and distinction. Much focus with our student leaders is based on the servant leadership style that was synonymous with St Peter, our patron saint and is a style that our students strive to practise in both word and deed. We acknowledge and congratulate our leaders and we look forward to them collectively contributing positively and making their own mark on the 2018 academic year.


2017 2018 east college captains 01

2017 2018 West College Captains 01






2017 2018 East House captains 01

2017 2018 West House Captains 01








2017 2018 East SRC Committee 01

2017 2018 West SRC Committee 01









Farewell to staff leaving at the end of 2017

During the same assembly we were able to acknowledge and give thanks to a number of staff who will be leaving us at the end of this year. In this forum I would again like to thank the following staff for their substantial service to our community:

East Campus: Ms Kirsty Molesworth, Ms Olimpia Rosenblum, Mr Peter Woodhouse, Ms Rebecca Crozier, Ms Alysia Silvagni, Mr Orwin DeKretser, Ms Helen Smith

West Campus: Mr Matt Laurie, Ms Shannon Maher, Ms Louise Cummings, Mr Jason Blackburn, Ms Sophie MacReadie, Ms Marissa Joyce, Ms Melinda Quirillo, Ms Karissa Robertson

Cross Campus: Mr Stephen Nash

We also wish the following staff all the best as they commence maternity leave:
Ms Gaby Spano (East), Ms Carla Edgerton (West), Ms Taryn Joniec (Cross-campus)

Presentation Night

A wonderful celebration of outstanding academic achievement and contribution to the St. Peter’s College community occurred this week at our 23rd annual Presentation Night. It was a true celebration of the wonderful talents and achievements. I congratulate all award recipients. In next week’s edition we will publish all of the award recipients.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Chris Black Signature

Mr Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

This week we focussed on the essence of student Leadership. Students were engaged in a number of activities that explored both the theoretical and practical application of leadership. Understanding what leadership involves, including the skills, qualities and attributes that form good leaders enabled students to understand how they themselves could develop in order to become active servant leaders within the St. Peter's College community. Central to this message is that a title does not necessarily make a good leader, nor does one need a title to be a true servant leader. Effective leadership takes courage; courage to accept the challenge to lead and courage to face the potential of success and failure but never to seek compliancy or defeat. 

From Peer Support training, to the pastoral session focused on reflection, gratitude and mindfulness, all year levels experienced an open and critical conversation about the value, and honour that is servant leadership.

At our Campus Assembly this week, we celebrated the newly elected student leaders, including SRC, House and College Captains. Whilst a very public acknowledgement and celebration, our student leaders realise that their work may often take place behind the scenes and that their success as leaders will be seen through the lens of others rather than always on a public stage. 

As I moved around the campus this week, witnessing the wonderful work both staff and students were engaged in with these activities it obvious to me that our current and future student leaders very much embody that of St. Peter's College and the model of servant leadership.

Peer Support Training:

This week the year 10 students underwent Peer training as part of their journey into seeking leadership roles within the College. A entire day of training provided great knowledge and depth of understanding of what peer leadership is and the benefits for both the peer leader and the younger students they would lead. I wish thank all of the students who approached the day with interest, respect and enthusiasm. My thanks and appreciation also go to Ms Slykerman, Ms Connell, Ms McRae, Ms Gallagher, Ms Winter and Mr Barber who organised and ran a very successful event.

The following words of reflection from some of the Year 10 students capture both the spirit of and the learning from the day.

I found Monday the 27th November a very exciting day as I got to learn new skills about team building, working as groups and how to solve many different problems. Peer support is a very good way of teaching the new year 7s how school is and how they should act and what to do as a role model. I would do this program again as I found it very interesting. Brandon Benson

The art of listening to one another involves skills to really hear what is being said. Students learnt key skills involved in effective communication. They also explored how to recognise their character strengths and the importance of valuing and using these strengths every day.

2017 teamwork

Team work and communication are vital if peer support is going to be effective! This activity certainly required team work and thinking outside the box.

2017 teamwork 1

The peer support program was a great learning experience. Throughout the program we were learning different ways of co-operating with other people. We learnt ways of utilising the different strengths and weaknesses of other peers to work in unity as mentioned in Psalm 133:1. Overall I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to other peers to join the Peer support program. Tham Ndebele

On Monday the 28th of November all the future year tens were split into 3 groups. We all then participated in fun and engaging games that taught us the skills to be a good peer support leader if we chose to apply after that day. All the activities were really fun all while we were still building leadership and communication skills, for example we got to dress up a person in a newspaper outfit, we then talked about how the different kind of communicators in our group helped.  Lauren Henderson

All Year 10 students now have the opportunity to apply to become one of the peer support leaders in 2018 who will guide, support and care for our new Year 7 students. From the success of the day I am very confident we will have an abundance of quality applications from the Year 10 students. 

Thoughts of going into a leadership role in 2018? 

I caught up with many of the new college and house captains this week to check in and see how they were preparing for their leadership roles for 2018, specifically their hopes, concerns and their vision as they enter their final year of secondary schooling. Here is just a sample of their reflections. Reflections such as these provide us with great confidence that our students are true leaders and more importantly true servant leaders. We wish them every success for 2018.

Natalia Girvasi  College Captain 2018
When I think about entering my final year of school, I get quite emotional. To think that I have almost completed my journey through high school is an amazing achievement. Not only will this year bring some sadness, it will also be full of hard work, dedication and fun, of course! This year will definitely be very testing, but also a very big accomplishment. As I enter my role as College Captain, I am more than excited to be working with the students, teachers and other leaders of our college. I look forward to bringing the college community together in unity to work towards an even better future for all. 

Eddie Elbazi College Captain 2018
Going into my final year of high school, I have very mixed emotions, on one hand I am very excited for the new experiences and challenges that come with being in year 12 but on the other hand it is very sad to be entering in our final year at St. Peters. Being chosen to be the College Captain for 2018 is also another thing I look forward to. I look forward to working with my fellow peers to help improve our College to make those people around us leaders. 

Ethan Marinic House Captain 2018
As I go into my final year of schooling life, I know that many challenges and new experiences lay ahead, and it is something I am looking forward to taking on not only as a student but as a leader of my house and a leader of this college. Having the privilege of being Kolbe House Captain for the second year running in 2018, will give me the chance to work with the people around me and be someone who others can look to for guidance and together help our house achieve great things.

Pastoral Period – Reflection, Gratitude and Mindfulness.

Our pastoral session this week required students to be reflective, to express gratitude and experience a session on mindfulness. Each house provided their students with the opportunity to reflect over the year that was 2017. Students were asked to revisit the academic and personal goals they had set at the beginning of both semesters and critically assess for themselves if they had taken every opportunity to complete these goals. We revisited the College theme: After much debate Peter stood up…. Students were able to not only reflect on their achievements but also to look at those things that challenged them, and the hurdles they faced.  By sharing these experiences with each other, students continue to develop greater self-awareness, empathy and gratitude.

2017 reflection

2017 reflection 1 01

The ability to express gratitude is vital for all of us to experience positive wellbeing. Students spent time identifying those things, events, people etc that they were grateful for. Being grateful is actually good for us. Our pastoral session provide us with a great opportunity to take the time from a busy day to be grateful.

2017 gratitude 01

2017 gratitude 1 01

2017 thank you 01

The last part of the pastoral session was Mindfulness which is a state of being fully awake to life, being aware and undistracted in the present moment and observing life as it unfolds without analysis or judgement. In simple, being present without distraction – especially from technology. We will be exploring mindfulness, resilience and positive education based on character strengths throughout next year. The new 2018 student record book has been developed to include these elements. I would encourage parents and carers to take time to explore the new student record book next year as it includes valuable insight and resources surrounding resilience, mindfulness and positive education. It is hoped that this resource will spark conversation and engagement between parents/carers and their children.

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal Head of East Campus

West Campus News

West Campus Masterplan

Work is continuing on the development of the Florence Williams Building (home to Kolbe House) and the southern part of the Art Technology building.  Y2K architects are exploring the possibilities in developing 21st Century learning spaces that enable our vision of learning that ensures the 4 Cs – Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. These are the super skills our students will need as they enter the workforce and our learning spaces need to reflect this.

The work will start next year and will involve spaces for Junior and Senior Art, Studio Art, Visual Communication & Design, Photoculture and Media.  The space also has to ensure Kolbe students have a home that enables them to reflect their unique charism.

Pastoral Periods & Student Record Book

Our first Pastoral Period for the new academic year occurred on the Tuesday this week marking the change from Thursdays. Parents are asked to be conscious that this move is significant in that it will be usually Tuesday, Week 2 that students will now wear their sports uniform to school. There will be exceptions to this rule and this occurs when there are Campus Assemblies. For these formal occasions, students will be expected to wear their normal summer or winter uniform.

The new Student Record Books have been given out to students and the glance planner on pages 6 & 7 indicate what days the Sports Uniform can be worn throughout 2018. I have also outlined this in the table below:

2017 uniform calendar 29.11.2017 01

The new Student Record Book also contains a Wellbeing Tracker and Daily Reflections section which we would ask you to encourage your child to use.  It is part of our move to positive education in our pastoral program. One of the concepts we will ask the students to reflect on daily is gratitude, the ability to pay attention to what you have, as opposed to worrying about the things you do not have. 

In days of Facebook and Instagram, this can become an increasing tendency for all of us.  There is good brain research that tells us that after 21 days of practising gratitude, our brains are rewired to start looking for that which is positive in the world.  This will in turn help us to become more optimistic, and decrease levels of anxiety and depression.  Our pastoral period this week, encouraged our students to focus on what they are grateful for and we will come back to this idea frequently in Tutor Group and Pastoral Periods.

2017 mindfulness

The other component of wellbeing that we explored this week in Pastoral Period was mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the ability to shut off disruptive thoughts so we can enjoy the present moment. This can be done by fully embracing what you are engaged in at this time. We talk about stopping and smelling the roses. Engage your senses and allow them to be fully impacted upon at a particular point in time.  

2017 smiling mind 01

Mindfulness can also be practised through meditation, and we introduced all students to this experience through the Smiling Mind website or app. While the time spent meditating was only 5-10 minutes, it is important that students give this experience a go with an open mind.

Our Catholic tradition (and many other religious traditions) have long recognised and practised meditation as a way of listening to God or finding peace.  Other mindfulness apps that we encourage your child to consider downloading include The Resilience Project, Headspace and Buddhify 2.


2017 resilience project


2017 headspace  01


2017 buddify 2 01

Please look at the new Student Record Book and note that many of the valuable information that was formerly in hard copy is now available on Schoolbox in electronic form.  This saves many trees and makes it a lot easier and cost effective to keep the details current.

Final Campus Assembly

On Thursday, we celebrate our final campus assembly. While there will be a few student awards here that are not given out at Presentation Evening the night before, the focus is on inducting our new school leaders. This includes our College Captains and Executive (Arts, Environment, Liturgy, Social Justice, and Sports Captains), House Captains and Student Representative Council. House Forum Leaders will be recognised at the Final House Assemblies next week.

We look forward to a number of parents joining us at this assembly.

Care Monkey

St. Peter’s College families will have received an email recently asking them to create a profile on Care Monkey. This will be a priority for parents as from 2018 we will be using this company to communicate with parents about camps, retreats, excursions and various other events or activities at the school. It is therefore important that parents update any student medical details for each of their children at St. Peter’s College in the Care Monkey profile. It will also be important for all parents to have up to date email details.

2017 care monkey

Because only one email address can be used for a Care Monkey profile it is important that the primary caregiver should be responsible for the profile. If the email has been sent to a parent or guardian who families would prefer not to set up the Care Monkey profile, then it is important that you contact the school to inform us of the preferred email address.  

Some of the important permission forms that are currently awaiting your response includes House Activities Day (Friday, 8 December) for all students, Senior Social (Thursday, 7 December) for Years 11 & 12, and the Leadership Training Day for Year 11 & 12 College & House Captains.  Remember, a Care Monkey profile is crucial for your child to be able to participate in excursions at St. Peter’s College.

I hope to catch up with many parents at our Presentation Evening this week.

West St Peter

David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

EDROLO – Ready to Roll for Headstart and beyond

Once again in 2018 the College has invested in EDROLO for all Unit 3 / 4 students

What is Edrolo?

Edrolo is a comprehensive, premium, interactive online video and exam simulation resource for the VCE, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their potential throughout the year. We have extensively assessed the resource and are confident it is an extremely valuable investment for our teaching and learning culture.  

You can see Edrolo in action by visiting this here.

How do students use Edrolo?

Edrolo is currently used by over 500 schools and 60,000 students. Crafted by outstanding VCE teachers (including exam assessors and textbook authors, some of whom are from our own teaching staff) and built in accordance with VCAA Study Designs, its curriculum-specific and engaging content will provide our students with a differentiated and targeted level of support as they prepare for their most important examinations.

How will our students and teachers use Edrolo?

We will use Edrolo as a tool to further enhance what our teachers are doing day-to-day. 

Our teachers are provided with training on how to best utilise the resource, and you should expect them to guide students to make full use of Edrolo in a range of ways across the year, including:

  • holiday homework;
  • pre-class work;
  • post-class consolidation;
  • assessment preparation; and
  • exam revision.

Please encourage your sons and daughters to fully utilise the variety of opportunities that the College provides. If you have further questions regards EDROLO or any other matters , please do not hesitate to contact me at the College 
Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Religious Education News

Saint Vincents Christmas Appeal

2017 Christmas Appeal

With Christmas fast approaching, we have turned our attention to helping those in our community who are less fortunate. Our annual appeal for Saint Vincents is underway.

All students and Staff at St. Peter's College East Campus are asked to bring food items along to help us create a number of Christmas food hampers to be distributed by Vinnies. Remember it's about putting food on the table and in the cupboard, as well as some special treats at Christmas time. One item per child will go a long way, so just imagine what we could achieve with your generosity.

You can also donate any gift items for children, which again will be distributed by Vinnies.

Donations can be left at College Reception or sent with your student and they can place them under the Christmas Tree in each House Area.

2017 Christmas Appeal

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, The inauguration of the Year of the Youth begins next Sunday. Next Sunday our parish youth members will be inducted at the 10.45am Mass. As of next Saturday 2 nd December, Mass on a Saturday evening will change from 6.30pm to 6.00pm. This new Mass time will be trialled for 6 months and may be reviewed. God bless you, Fr Joseph WE 

YEAR OF THE YOUTH: The Year of the Youth begins Sunday 3rd December. St Agatha’s youth are invited to join and get involved in our parish. This weekend Sunday 26th November at all Masses a Youth drive will begin, Youth members will be present at all Masses with flyers and to answer any questions. Starting Sunday 17th December at the 10.45am Mass all Youth members will be inducted for the year of the Youth and be volunteering at every 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.45am. For more info call Sr Mary on 5996 1985. BIBLE STUDY: Group A 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month & Group B 2nd & 4th Sunday. Group B meet tonight at 7.30pm in the hall. 

ALL VOLUNTEERS VIT CARDS: Could all teachers registered as a volunteer at St Agatha’s Parish with a VIT card renewed at the end of September. Please scan the front and back of your card and send a copy to the Parish Office ASAP. 

CAROLS RAFFLE TICKETS will be on sale for $2.00 per ticket, selling after Masses this weekend. 3 great prizes! CAROLS VOLUNTEERS: We need people to help in the following responsibilities at our Parish Christmas carols: traffic and crowd control, first aid, nurses, ushers, BBQ, tea & coffee and clean up. There are clipboards in the foyer for volunteers to kindly sign up their names.

CAROLS AT TWILIGHT: St Agatha’s parish music groups presents carols at twilight on Saturday 9th December at 7.00pm. Venue is the St Agatha’s school hall. An evening of fun & praise. BBQ & drinks, raffle and Santa. Wear something Christmas and bring some money to buy snacks & battery candles. Thank you

THURSDAY EVENING MASS focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of November: 30th For those who celebrated their birthday in November.

KEYBOARD OR ORGANIST needed for 9.00am Mass to play 1st & 2nd Sundays of the month and 5th Sunday when occurring. Contact Sr Lucy PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Meeting Tuesday 5 TH December 7.30pm in the Parish Office. 

ENROLMENT FOR THE BROWN SCAPULAR: On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Friday 8th December after the 7.30pm Mass. For more info contact Lorraine on 5996 8771. 

WHITE RIBBONS: Raises awareness of violence against women in Australia and throughout the world. This weekend we remember victims of violence who may need the Church’s help. We can help through prayer and increasing public awareness. POLICE for immediate assistance 000, 1800 RESPECT 24/7 advice & support, Safe Steps 1800 015 188, Men’s Referral Service 1300 766 491. 

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

WE WELCOME AS CHILDREN OF GOD: Beatrice Diem Arbilon, child of Dirk & Mary, Kai John & Summer Isla Jarvie, child of John & Rebecca, 

RCIA RITE OF ACCEPTANCE Nov 26th, 2017 -  During 10.45 am Mass, our Parish joyfully welcomes Justin Vandall, who will be received into the Order of Catechumens, he has been preparing for his initiation into the Christian faith by Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Also, we welcome Amanda Ah Colt and Sala Fatialofa, who are being prepared to complete their initiation through Confirmation and Eucharist and be received into full communion of the Catholic Church. Justin, Amanda and Sala will receive their Holy Sacraments at Easter Vigil 2018, their formation will continue in the months ahead. We give thanks and praise to God who has led them in faith to be formed and received full communion of the Catholic Church and ask, parishioners your prayers and support to strength their faith formation and be blessed by the Holy Spirit in their path to encounter our Risen Lord.

BISHOP PATRICK O’REGAN will celebrate the 10.45am Mass for St Thomas the Apostle Church on Sunday 3rd December. At this Mass a Sale Diocese seminarian will be admitted to Candidacy for Ordination as a Deacon. His Diaconate Ordination will occur next year. At the same Mass we will launch the Year of Youth with the commissioning of young people attending the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney on 7th Dec.

CARITAS AUSTRALIA: This Christmas, send an e-card or paper card to your loved ones and help someone in need. From only $10 you can change lives. Visit here


  • Music & Choir leaders: Tuesday 28th November 7.30pm at 50 Heather Grove. This is an important meeting to which we will welcome Sophy Morley from the Sale Diocese Liturgy Office. It is expected that all music, singing groups and choirs will have their leaders in attendance.
  • St Peter’s College Presentation Night at Frankston Arts Centre: Wednesday 29th November 
  • Combined meeting for Church Building Committee, Pastoral Council & Finance Council: Thursday 30th November 7.30pm at St Peter’s College. Law Architects will be in attendance as we continue the design process for our new church and parish offices.
  • Baptism Preparation Meeting for parents and godparents at St Peter’s College: Sunday 3rd Dec at 2.00pm, Heather Grove, Clyde North.
  • Grade 6 Graduation at St Thomas the Apostle School: Thursday 7th December 6.00pm 
  • Altar Servers Pizza Night: Friday 8th December 6.00pm at St Peter’s College

St Thomas The Apostle Parish

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College

New Government Website for Trusted Mental Health Resources 

Head to Health

When you're searching for mental health information, help or advice online, it can be difficult to know which sources to trust.
To help Australians find trusted mental health resources online, the Department of Health has launched a new, interactive website called Head to Health. 

The website provides a wealth of information on psychological health and wellbeing. It helps you find the leading Australian providers of digital mental health services including free or low-cost apps, online support communities, online courses, and phone services.

Head to Health will help people to take control of their mental health, at a time and place convenient to them, complementing or in place of face-to-face services. It supports people seeking help - either for themselves or someone they care about.

Head to Health is not only helpful when seeking support for a mental health condition, it also provides information about staying mentally well for every Australian.

Services and resources listed on Head to Health are delivered by Australia’s mental health service providers including the Butterfly Foundation, CanTeen, beyondblue and Kids Helpline. They include free or low-cost apps, online support communities, online courses, and phone services that are private and secure.

Check out Head to Health here and see what might be available for your family.

Nadia  Picinali
Student Welfare Officer - West Campus

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2018 Compulsory Uniform Changes

A reminder that we change to Summer Uniform as of Term 4, 10th October
Please take this opportunity to check that your students have all of the required items for the change over, and in particular that any Girls Summer Uniform Dress lengths meets required uniform standards ‘knee length’.

The Uniform Shop will be open each Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning for the remainder of the Term.
We advise that if you require new uniform items for 2018, that you consider purchasing the correct 2018 product, which is now available from our Uniform Shop.

Please be aware of these changes if purchasing via the second hand market, whether it be through the Sustainable Schools Shop or the several Facebook selling groups set up locally.

All Parents are advised of the following changes:

  • All Boys to wear the SPC Boys White Monogrammed Pocket Shirt in the Summer and for the Winter with the addition of the SPC Tie
  • All Girls Winter Uniform. All Girls to wear the  SPC Girls White Monogrammed Pocket Blouse, which is worn with the  SPC Tie
  • NEW SPC Scarf in 2018. To be worn as part of the Winter Uniform ONLY
  • All Students. Sports Polo Tops. ONLY House Sport Polo Top
  • All Students. Sports Rugby Top. If worn ONLY the current design must be worn
  • All Students. Sports Tracksuit Pants. SPC design ONLY to be worn
  • All Students. SPC Wet Weather Jacket OPTIONAL with Sports Uniform as of 2018. Can also be worn OVER Blazer to and from school with Winter Uniform
  • SPC Sports Bag. Compulsory, if students are not using their SPC Backpack for their Sports Uniform

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The College Uniform Shop does not hold and sell Second-hand uniform. St. Peter’s College parents can utilise the service of Sustainable School Shop for the sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and stationery items.

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General News


In preparation for the Head Start program, could parents please contact the relevant House Leader if your child is not returning to the College in 2018. The process of an exit interview and relevant documentation needs to be completed to officially withdraw students from the College. Fees will be charged until a completed exit form has been received. 

Kerrie Birrell
College Registrar

Sports News

On Thursday 23rd November students from both the east and west campus competed in the first ever SIS Lawn Bowl Championship. The championship took place at the Carrum Downs Bowling Club. There were 22 teams who competed from 12 schools. All teams played three rounds and then the points were added and the top 4 teams made the semi-finals. Our East team and the division A West team both made the semi-finals. Our East team won the semi-final and went thru to the grand final. Our three year seven East students who made the Grand Final were up against Padua who had senior players from Years 10-12 and St. Peter’s College East took out the win. The final score was St. Peter’s College 7 and Padua 0. Congratulations to all who participated, especially Blake and Mitchell Keel and Ethan Fato who won the championship. 

2017 lawn bowls

Chloe Maltar
Sports Coordinator - East Campus


Outdoor Table 4 sale

Made of Cypress Pine they will last forever.
2600 X 1600 $350  less than the timber costs.

2017 VCAL Table Pic.2

Contact: Mr Collings VET Building Department St. Peter's College

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