Year 9 Camps are back!

It has been three years since we last had a Year 9 Camp at St Peter’s College. In fact, our Graduating Class of 2022 were the last Year 9’s to attend this camp and upon listening to many of them reflect on their time at St. Peter’s College, their experience at Year 9 Camp was frequently mentioned as one of their favourite memories. After sharing in the experience with the 2022 Year 9 Camp with our current Year 9 students, I’m sure we will have many of the Graduating Class of 2025 look back on this camp with extremely fond memories as well.

During the camp, students had the opportunity to participate in activities such as surfing, bodyboarding and kayaking. For many, these were new and exciting experiences, yet for all they were experiences that required students to venture out of their comfort zone and at times required them to be resilient. The following students have provided a short account of their experience on Year 9 Camp:

“I had a wonderful experience at the Year 9 camp, and I understand all the seniors who say this camp was the most memorable. Every day was a different yet exciting experience for me, and I believe my activity group and cabin will share the same sentiment. An overall 10 out of 10 experience I would love to have again”. Kyle Labor, Year 9

“Overall camp was a lot more enjoyable than I expected. The activities were so much fun, especially river kayaking, ocean kayaking, body boarding and surfing. The people in my activity group made my camp very memorable and the food was actually pretty good”. Phillip Manuta, Year 9